Bodhinatha in Trinidad, Part I

Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Shanmuganathaswami arrived in Trinidad very early in the morning of the 17th, for a week-long visit. Here they are at at the VIP Lounge, looking very bright considering they flew all night.

They are being welcomed by, from left to right,
Dr. Byam (Chief Protocol officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Pandit Tiwari, and Mr. Ramoutar. Smt. Ashwinee Ragoonanan is also in the welcome party but invisible as she is behind the camera.

Bodhinatha meets with Pundit Ramesh Tiwari.

Shanmuganathaswami chats with Hinduism Today correspondent Paras Ramoutar.

In the evening, Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami attend an evening function at the Chaguanas Edinburg Temple. Here they assist Pandit Tiwari for the puja and havan.

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganatha swami

It is still early in the evening and the devotees are just beginning to gather.

Devotees of the Edinburg Hindu mandir join in performing the havan.

Then Pandit Tiwari introduces Bodhinatha who will do give a Keynote (similar to Power Point) presentatioan on the 9 beliefs of Hinduism

Bodhinatha winding up his presentation. He told us “It lasted about one hour, some bhajans here and there, then a closing arati. Some 250 plus devotees in attendance on a Tuesday night. Group was very attentive for the whole hour. Ashwinee had a table with HA publications and we believe signed up some new subscribers to Hinduism Today. Ashwinee Ragoonanan is a distributor of Hinduism Today for Trinidad and has serviced several hundred subscribers for over ten years (we’ll show her picture soon).

2 Responses to “Bodhinatha in Trinidad, Part I”

  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Thank you for sharing the Guru’s visit to Trinidad with us.

  2. Nalini G says:

    Wonderful to see this!
    Your tireless energy Bodhinatha and Swamji is truly Siva in action.
    So uplifting and inspiring .
    Thank you

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