Kodimaram Form Placement

Stepping back in time we have a series we did not run of the kodimaram form being placed into the hole in Nandi Mandapam foundation. It had been built several weeks ago by Arumugaswami and Sadhaka Satyanatha. Here it is being picked up by our forklift

It is eight feet tall, showing how deep the is the opening.

Moving into place

The stone at bottom is placed directly in the earth. This opening passes through the foundation and then the silpis dug also through the compacted gravel, finally to reach Mother Earth where they place the stone. This form will sit right on top of the stone.

The top must be level with the foundation.

Quickly the tent is moved back in place before the next shower passes by.

A few days later the space all around outside the form was filled with slightly over seven yards of concrete.

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