Yesterday's Tour

As our tour guests walk the garden path, the monks are busy pouring gallons of milk, yogurt, ghee and honey on Kadavul Nataraja for the monthly Ardra Puja. The bells and chanting are ringing through the air.

Take a deep breath! Guests are always surprised as we walk through nature’s gateway here and find the temple on the other side.

The number of those who have experienced Iraivan increased by close to 90 souls today. About half were circumnabulating Iraivan when we snapped this.

With summer fading and fewer children, “big people” can now practice a little stone carving.

Ambarish, Anaradha and Samdev from New Jersey. Anaradha used to attend the Flushing Ganesha Temple when she was a young girl and absolutely loves Kauai Aadheenam!

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