Ganesha Chaturthi Mauritius Part 2

A second series of photos from our Ganesha Chaturthi festival at the Spiritual Park. Lord Ganapati is beautifully dressed on this auspicious occasion. Usually on such occasions all family members join hands to lovingly weave a large garland for the Lord. All garlands brought on that day were home made.

Our two hired sivachariyas did a very elaborate saiva agamic homa and puja, inspiring deep devotion in the hearts of all those present. It's the end of the homa ceremony and pure ghee is being poured into the sacred fire to now conclude this ritual.

Flowers and bouquets for Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati

Music of the nadeswaram and bajans merged to enhance the devotional vibration inside the Mandapam

The tent in front the Mandapam steps is always filled up with intense bhakti as usual.

Another busy spot too is at the small Ganesha Shrine where all offerings of fruits and flowers are being offered by families to the Lord.

Here are devotees queuing up around this shrine preparing their trays of offerings….

Himalayan Academy publications were on sale at the Mini Mela and the Himalayan Academy Booth outside

Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo reading the message of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

The final arati to Lord Ganapati….Blessings from the innerworld flow to all…

Devotees down the step…

Rogini Shunmugum a long time sishya of the Church from Montreal just popped up from the crowd. Originally from Mauritius, Rogini is now settled in Canada. She is happy to be at the Spiritual Park today…

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Rogini, it is very nice to see you in Mauritius.

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