Sun Three

The Siddhidata Kulam detailed their activities this phase. Yoginathaswami has been working on many details relating to surveys of our property and its infrastructure, including the electrical system. His team has been putting up an extension of the roof at the machine shop to keep the rain and wind out. And they continue with the garden, never failing to provide a constant stream of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Siddhidata Day Activities

One day per week all the monks help the Siddhidata Kulam with various kinds of projects that might include carpentry, gardening, painting and other kinds of construction or repair work. Here is Sivakatirswami oiling some beautiful pine boards for renovation of one of the rooms in our buildings.

Sadhaka Satyanatha is helping to repair the deck of the big mower used on Himalayan Acres. The metal has rusted significantly (a huge problem on our tropical island) and needs to be replaced.

Here you can see that the rusted deck has been removed. He's cleaning loose pieces of rusted metal so that new steel plate can be welded in place.

Riccardo is trying to get the old generator (which was used to power the monastery during the one month electrical outage following Hurricane Iniki) up and running so that we can use the arc welder on the mower.

Sadhaka Adinatha installing new awning next to the workshop.

Sorting pipe and metal left over from previous jobs.

Arumugaswami welding new metal plate onto the mower.

Wailua Mission Represents Hindus at Martin Luther King Day Event

Wailua Mission Members, Vel and Valli Alahan, Shyamadeva Dandapani, Amala Seyon, Isani Alahan, Toshadeva and Kamala Guhan and Irene Scott attended the Martin Luther King Day Celebration today in Lihue.

This event is sponsored and organized by the Interfaith Round Table of Kauai. This year, instead of the monks, our members represented the Hindu community. Vel Alahan, senior kulapati in this group, thanked the Interfaith Round Table of Kauai for inviting us and mentioned how dear Kauai was to our beloved Gurudeva’s heart..

Vel explained the meaning of the ancient Vedic Sahana Chant for peace which we recite before and after any gathering.

All the members perform the chant together.

Amala Seyon gave a brief talk about Positive Discipline for Parents.

She offered the Hinduism Today pamphlet, “Parenting with Love” as a hand out to the Kauai Community. Amala also provides classes on Positive Discipline to small intimate groups and one on one whenever she receives a request.

There were many wonderful presentations by various members of the Kauai community. Many were highly skilled performers.

Kauai artist Isa Maria, seated center and other members of the Love Tribe first came together after the war in Afghanistan began and started their group. Today, Drumming for Peace, they are wonderful African drummers presenting songs and chants.

Long time Kauai resident, Dale Rosenfeld offered the Jewish Community Peace Song.

Our neighbor in Wailua Homesteads, Dr. Lisa Raphael shared her experiences with Dr. King. She was born in Europe during the Nazi invasion and later marched in the US with Dr. Martin Luther King to help stop racism.

“Chalk for Peace” designs offered an activity to attendees of the event . Chalk for Peace is an international organization that displays chalked peace designs from all over the world. (

A dramatic reading by the performers of the African Heritage Cultural Center.

Gloria Purter of African Heritage Cultural Center of Kauai presented with her daughters, a birthday dedication to First Lady, Michelle Obama, who celebrated her first year as First Lady and her birthday on January 16th.

It was touching that a white dove, universal symbol of peace, joined in observing the presentations.

Liz Hahn of the Baha’i community sang “Blessed is the Spot” a Baha’i Prayer.
There were many other presenters and booths which came together on the small island of Kauai to celebrate peace.

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