Sun Four – Ganapati Kulam Report

Our long six-day phase moves forward steadily with much work being accomplished. The Ganapati Kulam gave their report today.

Paramacharya Palaniswami has been putting in countless hours searching for imagery to add to Bodhinatha’s digital Keynote presentations. Bodhinatha gets up early in the mornings and works on these wonderful presentations and some of them have as many as 150 slides that each need a pertinent related visual image and design to go along with it.

Kumarswami has been working hard on the Festival Pagers project. These are straight-forward descriptions of 15 of Hinduism’s major festivals to be used for April Edition of Hinduism Today and then distributed to mainstream media.

Arumugaswami has been working on the next history lesson.

Sivakatirswami does the Global Dharma pages of Hinduism Today and is also currently handling all the communications for Master Course students and member’s studies in preparation for diksha.

Senthilnathaswami has been focused on his articles which report on the Parliament of the World’s
Religions report.

Natyam Satyanatha has also be working hard on the Festival pagers as he assembles all the resources on given pages and prepares these for the editors.

Each member of the kulam also handles many other small side projects, including trips to India planning, TAKA, Kauai Aadheenam newsletter monthly editing, art work being commissioned for various future sculptures, coordinating transcription of Bodhinatha’s talks and Gurudeva’s archives, daily editing of every word that goes to press in one form or another, Hindu Press International daily digest, network administration, computer purchase planning, web server management, research into the costs and logistics for the coming innersearch and a myriad of communications with collaborators, students, members, artists, translators, correspondents all over the globe.

Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-01-19

Here is a fascinating and incendiary issue brewing over Monsanto’s GMO corn and organ failure studies. #

Kadavul Temple outdoor tile job mostly finished #

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