Bodhinatha Meets Singapore Devotees

It was another auspicious day at the Aadheenam, the last day of our phase.

Long time sishya Kulapati Dohadeva and Kulamata Nagavathy from Singapore (left) are on pilgrimage. It is their 30th wedding anniversary. Yogi Bhani and Rema Devi on the right are also from our Singapore mission, and it is their 26th wedding anniversary. They met this morning for darshan with Bodhinatha and had a long 1 1/2 hour talk with him.

for Satguru speaks fans, another upadesha from Bodhinatha has been linked on the right and his audio index page has all talks given through January 8th.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming three-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Monday, February 1st.

Bhani Kartigesu And Rema Devi Become Arul Sishya

Earlier in the morning Wailua Mission members and our pilgrims from Singapore gather with Sivakatirswami in the Guru peedam. Bhani sat in front of the throne of the Kailasa Parampara and recited the four vows of the Arul Sishya.

After reciting each one, Shakahara vrata (vegetarian vow, re-affirmed), Ahimsa Vrata (Vow of Nonviolence), Kailasa Parampara Vrata (Vow of Dedication to the Lineage) and the Dasama Bhaga Vrata (Vow to Give God’s Money, tithe 10% of one’s income), Bhani signs…

Our members all listen as he reads. It is always a great inspiration to hear these noble ideals again and to witness another dedicated soul move forward on the path.

Rema Devi, Bhani’s wife, smile as husband signs. She had already taken her vows a month ago in Singapore.

Kulapati Dohadeva signs acceptance of Bhani into his extended family, writing:

“Bhani has been and will be a strong Saivite to promote and preserve our strong lineage. We welcome him whole heartedly. Aum Sivaya

Kulamata Nagavathy signs

And our Wailua Mission members witness the event

Bhani and Rema Devi moving forward on the Saiva Neri!

Afterward Bhani placed his vow book on the pitham for Bodhinatha to sign later when they had darshan with him.

Altogether. Such a great satsang we have. It is Gurudeva’s great gift to us all.

Dohadeva, the other day, that being here on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, coming to Kauai, being here for Ardra Abhishekam, meeting with monks and
Bodhinatha, reminded him of the great song of Saint Sambandar, who, when asked by Lord Siva what boon he wanted at his wedding party, the young man replied that he prayed that he and the entire wedding party be merged into Lord Siva, and the wish was granted.

Sri Lanka – Yogaswami Girls' Home Progress

Thondunathan sends this report:

Jai Gurudeva!

Vanakkam Dear Bodhinatha,

With the Grace of Gurudeva all is well with me. Last October when I was in Sri Lanka I took a two day trip, accompanied by my mother, to Baticaloa. We visited the Yogaswami Girls’ Home and the Sivathondan Nilayam.


Last year HHE sent a grant to the Yogaswami Girls’ Home. The management used the money to build a wall around the property. Due to the need for security, it was a good use of the grant money. I also saw the cow that Nilufer Clubwala bought for the Home. It is providing needed milk and yogurt for the girl’s nourishment.

Last July the Canadian Sri Lankan Community had a fund raiser for the Yogaswami Girls’ Home. Dance student, Nayani Rajamohan, performed a benefit dance show which raised CA$ 6000 dollars. We are going to use this money to build a new kitchen for the home since the old kitchen is in very bad shape. I met with the building contractor and initiated the project prior to my departure.

We didn’t have time to visit the Gurukulam as it is a 3 hour drive from the Sivathondan, however, Babu and some of the boys from the Gurukulam traveled to the girls’ home to meet with me.

I am enclosing some photos taken at the girls’ home and the Sivathondan Nilayam in which you can see the new wall built with the HHE grant.

All hail to Hindu Heritage Endowment and it’s Stewards!

with Love,


Sivathondan Nilayam

More photos from Jaffna: the Sivathondan Nilayam with a shrine for Yogaswami.

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