Guests meet with Bodhinatha

Sri and Padma Mandalaparthy, visiting from Seattle, with their sons and parents. They hosted Gurudeva in their home many years ago. They are devotees of Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami's Vedic Temple.

Thushyanthan Amirthalingam, from Calgary, with his mom Yogaalar and wife Renuka. He's studying Gurudeva's Master Course.

Girish Haran, Girija Yegnanarayanan and sons from Boston. They asked how they could spiritualize their lives and Bodhinatha shared some thoughts from an article he's working on. We can help others in small ways during the course of the day in the workplace or in school. We can perform all work with the aim of reaching God. Rather than thinking of one's occupation as a secular activity we can view what we are doing as an offering to the Lord. All of life is sacred.

Gopal Balasubramanian and Lavonya Tesayi, a young couple from Fremont, CA. They are devotees of Murugan at the temple Gurudeva founded in Concord.

We've known Kumari Devi Sivam since she was a little girl. Here she is with her husband, Ravindraraj Ramaraju. They've brought baby Bhuma Vilasini from their home in Austin for her first visit to Kadavul Temple.

Natyam Satyanatha Deepens His Commitment

Twice a year on Gurudeva’s Jayanthi and at Guru Purnima time, we conduct our monastic vow ceremonies and vow renewals. This year Satyanatha is given the yellow sash of the natyam, which indicates that he is entering into a period of training that may one day, if he qualifies, lead go becoming a yogi and later taking lifetime vows of renunciation.

His natya vow book says: The natyam (literally “dancer”) works diligently toward the ideals of purity, selflessness and humble service. As the Saivite Shastras say, “The sadhakas seeking deeper admittance into the monastery and those in yellow could fulfill each duty, were punctual, accurate, refined, serving long hours, performing their tapas and were as spontaneous as a six-year-old child in their happiness and response, yet transparent. He has forfeited a happy family, a contented home, for his inner quest. He has forfeited wealth, the fulfillment of personal desires when the desires most need to be fulfilled, as the perfect dancer would when devoted to his art. The natyam tunes the nerve system of his body into his Guruji to serve the Saivite religion in years and centuries to come.”


Reading aloud his vows after the Chitra puja yesterday.

Signed by Bodhinatha

Chitra Puja

We also have our month Chitra puja yesterday. One of our sishya remarked the other day: “Gurudeva is so powerfully present these days. One of our guests even said they were sure they saw him sitting right there in the temple!”

Of course he is!

Bhuma Ravindraraj Chudakarana

Ravindraraj and Kumaridevi were the special guests at the homa today for the chudakarana of their little girl, Bhuma.

Kumaridevi is second generation American Hindu, having been raised with Gurudeva’s teachings since she was a little girl. She also speaks Tamil fluently. Ravindraraj works in a microchip design company and is a fine photographer as well.

So, this makes Bhuma, the little girl a third generation American Hindu.

Bodhinatha blesses Bhuma by smearing sandal paste on her shaved head. Bhuma was very content and intrigued with the whole ceremony.

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