Sun One Begins New Phase

Today was Chitra Pada puja in the morning, and then tour day also.

Kulapati Deva Seyon writes:

“We are so happy to have Bodhinatha back for the entire month of October! He graciously gives the final and optimum blessing for all guests who approach Him with their books for signing.

Our new (seemingly ancient!) archway now speaks to all who enter: “This place is dedicated to the divine within everything and all things.”

More messengers of this sacred place will return home and tell their family and friends of the monks living in a far away land who have created peace on earth.

Our local friends, Kim, Roni and Lucie from the Napali Paddle Club. They just completed a race to the Napali Coast and came back in time to ride the waves of darshan flowing through Kauai Aadheenam. They each had a chance to meet with Bodhinatha after the tour and were radiant from the experience.

Mamsani carved into the Temple pillars for the future of futures!

And the Dakshinamurthy platform looks wonderful with it’s new quartzite slate tile finish.

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