Public Tour, Oct 13

Stepping back to last phase, our tour day on the 13th.

The Sharma Thrush was introduced to Kaua’i in early 1931 from Malaysia. They have become very, very tame at the Aadheenam. They seem to know when ahimsa is being practiced and sing their hearts out. This little lady gave the opening song for the Public Tour in the Banyan Mandapam this morning!

While the Mahadevas and Deities of Hinduism are new to many of our Western guests, we mention that for a Hindu the approach is as natural as talking to your dear grandmother or grandfather every morning before launching on a new day, or starting a new project; seeking their blessings, wisdom and guidance.

“The cosmos is perfect, you know. Its laws are divine, its timing flawless, its design unique. “

While a passing downpour drenched every guest to the bone, they stuck it out until the sun returned and then all drip dried nicely!

This little jiva has been on planet earth only nine months, but already arranged to have her parents bring her to Kauai Aadheenam.

Mrs. Karthik Kannan, walking with Amala. A retired Doctor, she is from Santa Clara California. She was a little skeptical when she heard rummors that there was a traditional Aadheenam in America -- but her friends insisted; “You must go”. With all doubts dispelled, she had a deep and meaningful experience.

After the tour visitors are invited to our Mini Mela Library. Kulamata Isani puts in hours every week making guests feel comfortable and helping them negotiate through the many books for study and options for purchase.

Tour day can bring a big crowd all at once so we staff both iMac computer stations. This is Kulamata Vali Alahan who works every tour day with Isani as a service to her Guru.

The new mini mela is not only solar powered, but fully air conditioned and packed with books and educational pamphlets. Also many gift items, jewelry and hard to find treasures.

You never know what you might find within. Shanmuganathaswami and Siddhanathaswami have some great connections in India and are always surprising us with new items.

An incredible Ganesha. A Rose Quartz masterpiece!

The crown Jewel of the Wailua Mission. Grown on the sacred grounds of Kauai Aadheenam and hand made with love.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    So happy to see all the Kulamatha’s full of Siva’s love in their hearts.

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