Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-10-03

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Sun Two

All is well at the Aadheenam. All engines running as usual.

The Pillaiyar and Ekadanta Kulams reported on their activities today. Saravananathaswami is back on the job with hosting and handling the Master Course student body communications.

Shanmuganathaswami has been helping out with an emergency project to pump water into our ponds to save the remaining Koi fish there. It appears it may be several more months before the repairs at the reservoir to the north will be complete.

Yogaswami Girls' Home – Sittandy, Sri Lanka

For those following the girls’ orphanage in Sri Lanka, some news today.

The Yogaswami Girls’ Home kitchen was inaugurated during September. Here milk is prepared in a clay pot to be boiled on the small fire.

The new kitchen is spacious and well-appointed. The girls all gather for the ceremony.

Rishi Thondunatha chats with them afterwards.

All gather at the entrance, with Amma in the center, visiting from Kopay where she runs the kotam spreading Gurudeva’s teachings. Thanks to everyone who made this gift to the children of Sri Lanka possible.

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