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  • Our monthly pada puja to Gurudeva begins shortly. #
  • Excellent commercial from @PCRM called "Consequences" promoting vegetarianism. #

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Sun One Begins New Phase

Today was Chitra Pada puja in the morning, and then tour day also.

Kulapati Deva Seyon writes:

“We are so happy to have Bodhinatha back for the entire month of October! He graciously gives the final and optimum blessing for all guests who approach Him with their books for signing.

Our new (seemingly ancient!) archway now speaks to all who enter: “This place is dedicated to the divine within everything and all things.”

More messengers of this sacred place will return home and tell their family and friends of the monks living in a far away land who have created peace on earth.

Our local friends, Kim, Roni and Lucie from the Napali Paddle Club. They just completed a race to the Napali Coast and came back in time to ride the waves of darshan flowing through Kauai Aadheenam. They each had a chance to meet with Bodhinatha after the tour and were radiant from the experience.

Mamsani carved into the Temple pillars for the future of futures!

And the Dakshinamurthy platform looks wonderful with it’s new quartzite slate tile finish.

Visitors From Chicago

Ajay Agnihotra, family and friends from Chicago came to visit. Ajay was instrumental in the recent Ramayana Conference in Chicago and has instituted a “digital conference” format for the next one.

He shared his work with Acharya Arumugaswami

The elder lady of the group was proud to show us her Hindu tattoos.

Teaching Yamas and Niyamas in Malaysia

Brahmacharini Gowri Nadason writes from Malaysia:

Prostrations to the Holy Feet of Lord Ganesha and our
Beloved Satgurudeva

Om Sivaya Bodhinatha
The students classes in the Klang Kampong Jaya Secondary school was started in May 2010. The total number of students is about 120 of them. The school teacher by the name of Tamil Selvi persuaded the Principal of the school to allow to conduct moral values to the Hindu children. It was a blessing to be with all the students.

The moral teaching is the subject based on Hinduism’s code of conduct -- The Yamas and Niyamas.

The presentation was shown on a huge screen and the students from age 13 to 14 enjoy mastering them. This teaching aid prepared by our monks was very useful and helpful. Being in 3 Levels, it is simply and clear to the students to understand and grasp the values. So far we have completed Yamas 1 through 7. Thank you very much for the wonderful support Satguru.

(You can download this presentation for use to show children in your area or at home on your computer. Click here to download the version for your system)

Another class is conducted at the Klang Subramaniam temple in Teluk Pillai. About 25 students from age 8 to 15 are attending the Sunday classes conducted by Mrs. Devi Selvadurai Subramaniam and myself.

I am focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas using the same presentation prepared by our monks. Attached are some pictures taken during the class. The children are practicing their stage play depicting 5 Yamas by 5 groups of children for the coming Navaratri festival.

Nandri Satguru.

students Religious Ceremony Mauritius Part 2

We are pleased post a last series of photos of the special religious ceremony performed for students at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius. Here is a copybook printed for the occasion and freely distributed students present at the ceremony.

The Sivacharya concludes the agamic ritual at the homa pit, and it would be then time to burn the thousands of written prayers brought by devotees…

Inside as well as in the exterior of the Mandapam, the atmosphere is vibrating with deep devotion.

Kulapati Manon send the first prayers into the fire…

The sacred fire pit is immediately filled up while baskets of prayers are waiting to be burnt …..

Students have mostly written prayers to the inner worlds seeking blessings and help for the coming end of year school exams. The level of literacy is quite high in the island and school exams both at primary and secondary are fiercely competitive.

Exercise books piled up for Blessings from Lord Ganapati….

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah!

Kulapati SK Moorghen, the main coordinator for this special ceremony thanking all those who have been helping in organizing that event.

Two cute little girls in the crowd….

Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo reading the message of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. Here is a quote: "Because Lord Ganesha governs the higher intellectual mind, this is why it is both important and effective to worship Him before all major exams. Specifically, attend a temple and have an archana to Lord Ganesha a day or so before the exam. Also visualize Ganesha at the beginning of and during the exam. In this way His blessings help us do our best in the exam. It is also important to stay relaxed during the exam. A simple way to do this is to breathe deeply from the diaphragm and on each outbreath consciously relax. Practice this at home for a few days before the exam and then do it regularly during the exam for approximately thirty seconds at a time."

The father of Swami Umapathi is on his first visit to the Park. He was so impressed that he could not help but to kindly request to say a few words, in which he stressed on the importance of Lord Ganesha and the role of Ganesha's Mushika.

The final arati…. Back to Bodhinatha's message: "Gurudeva teaches us that "Lord Ganesha is the Deity who governs the higher intellectual mind, of science and profound knowledge. This is why they call Him Lord of Categories. As Lord of Categories, He organizes and clears the intellectual mind so that individual awareness can flow unhindered in the many areas of developing thought."

The distribution of exercise books at the exit, by a few helpers. A little rush here at this spot as the youth are making sure they do not miss their blessed gift home… On the whole it was a wonderful event, and next year the organizers should still expect a larger crowd.

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