Texas Mission Follow Up Report

This report came to us from Kalyani Giri who interviewed our swamis in Texas:

By Kalyani Giri

HOUSTON: Ochre-draped sadhus, festive diyas, young girls in sequined bindis, portly Ganeshas swathed in colorful flower garlands, books on Hindu scriptures and philosophy, smoldering fragrant incense, and the ubiquitous idli. From October 22 -- 24, 2010, the foyer and ballroom of the Sheraton North Houston Hotel on JFK Boulevard were bounteously transformed into a veritable Little India…

I think of HMEC as an organism that is constantly evolving and in a few short years it has come to a new maturity, a unified voice much more than it was in the early years,” said Paramacharya Palaniswami, publisher of the world-renowned Hinduism Today Magazine. “The cooperation, spirit of unity and intellectual integrity is very important for the future of the HMEC. I was very impressed by the camaraderie here. It was magical and wholesome,” added the swami.

Tackling the subject of media and Hinduism, Acharya Palaniswami of Kauai Adheenam stated that the Hindu renaissance has been going on for decades.
But it’s really hitting a new stride in America. Newsweek carried an article “we’re all Hindus now”. What a remarkable thing for Newsweek to publish, and it shows that the beautiful tolerance and non-violence and profound yogic mysticism that is being adopted by a large part of America,” continued the swami. The swami’s organization created a beautifully illustrated media kit describing the significance of fifteen Hindu festivals; the package has already been distributed to major mainstream media as an educational tool.

On the Hindu youth of America, the swami was very enthusiastic.

“The youth are so articulate and savvy. They know exactly what they’re doing. We need to continue giving more mature tasks to them,” said Acharya Palaniswami, who has served for 32 years as Editor-in-Chief of Hinduism Today. We tend to treat them like children when they are actually old souls in young bodies. They’re brilliant and dedicated and when we diminish their responsibilities they go elsewhere for fulfillment. When we give them real work, they will be more invested in it.”

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