Bodhinatha Receives New Kartar Earrings

During the mahasamadhi puja, while the curtain was closed for alankaram, Paramacharya Palaniswami shared with everyone that this auspicious moment had been chosen to present a special gift to our satguru. He mentioned that on the Iraivan pillars are four sacred symbols of the aadheenakartar of a traditional Saiva matha: the rudraksha head piece, the golden kartar mala, the silver danda and the kartar kundala, golden earrings of a distinct design. The Innersearchers gifted this to Bodhinatha in June, and the monks have been working with goldsmiths to have them crafted. These are solid gold to replace his hollow ones.

The new earrings are true aadheenakartar earrings worthy of the lineage holder of the Kailasa Paramapara. They are of solid 22-karat yellow gold with tiny 18-karat white gold rings surrounding the ball, each full earring weighing a full ounce! Jai to the preceptor who guides us along the right path.

The day in the early 1980s when Gurudeva received a gift of kartar earrings from the head of the Dharmapuram Aadheenam.

The old, hollow kartar earrings Bodhinatha was wearing for all these years, with quirky attachment device.

The new, solid-gold earrings before installation. The white gold rings on either side of the sphere are loose and move.

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