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Newsweek Has Obama Channeling Lord Nataraja?

We could not resist posting this cover of Newsweek.

Nitya Nadesan who sent it to us, echos the sentiments of many of us:

“Vanakkam and Aloha,

Please see attached. I find it fascinating the way the media appropriates our Hindu iconography.

Aum Sivaya,


6 Responses to “Newsweek Has Obama Channeling Lord Nataraja?”

  1. toshadevi nataraja says:

    Jai Ganesa! I claim ignorance in the topic and I have not seen the magaine but I pray that Lord Nataraja help this president and also keep his family safe.Its a brave job and certainly not for the faint of heart.Anbe Sivamayam Satyame Parasivam.

  2. toshadevi nataraja says:


  3. Lightartist says:

    It heard Hindus are upset about this picture, there is nothing wrong in this picture. I heard that the complaint was that a mortal was pictured as a God. Per Hindu beliefs, God is omnipresent, why are we not able to see God in human beings? In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong in this picture. The intent is to reflect how difficult is a President’s job and nothing more or less.

  4. Himalayan Academy says:

    We at Hinduism Today’s offices saw this as evidence of a positive trend. Hinduism is increasingly mainstream in America, no longer relegated to the realm of the exotic and the menacing. The price we will pay for the increasing awareness of Hindu concepts is to see more parodies and references to our culture. That only emphasizes the importance of the role that Hinduism Today, and all good Hindus, will play in the upcoming years as we educate people about what Hinduism really is.
    Hindus are by nature tolerant, which provides a good counterpoint to those religions that are belligerent and easily offended when being misrepresented.

  5. Lingaraj says:


  6. Vinod says:

    Shame, shame posting anything just to sell mags

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