Our Members Get the Keys to new Minimela

The contractor finished most of the work on the new Minimela building in Mauritius.

One November 19th, Soondeeren Arnasalon was at Spiritual Park on Friday 19th to receive the keys to the new store.

A view from the front.

Entering from the back upper story onto the second floor.

Some exterior clean up of the construction site debris still has to be done.

The inside was finished to perfection. Kulapati Anba Dayananden Valayten is also on hand to inspect the new facility.

Here is an additional store room that has yet to be completed.

It is interesting to see the unfinished look and how this room will also be transformed soon.

to look like this one. Testing the lighting. Now we will begin bringing in all the book cases, display case, check out station and more.

Congratulations to everyone for this important upgrade and new addition to the property in Mauritius. The many 1000’s of visitors will now have a better venue for perusing and buying our books and religious supplies.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Oh, How wonderful, this is going to be very nice for everyone, especially with the wealth of books and literary on Hinduism. Shopping time!

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