Garani-Next Generation Visits

Dr. Pallav Kolli and his wife Garani Nataraja from California. Garani is the daughter of Ravi Nadaraja.

We have known Garani since she was a little baby in her father’s arms when Gurudeva visited his home in the early years (1980’s) after Ravi first came to America from Sri Lanka. Ravi did a brief pada puja to Gurudeva at the door of his humble home and his wife Gowri served dinner to Gurudeva and Sivakatirswami. During the meal, Garani was crawling contentedly all over father’s shoulders and back. Ravi paid no attention and kept up the conversation as if his daughter were just part of him. Swami remembers thinking “How patient this father is!”

Ravi and Gowri subsequently built very successful careers and family. Their daughters grew up and are now on their own. Now Garani is touching base with the Parampara.

Gowri and her husband Pallav are both doctors just starting their careers.

Arumugaswami shared with them some of our publishing initiatives.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Happy Pilgrimaging Garani!

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