Bodhinatha and Palaniswami in Delhi, Part II

The days in New Delhi began early and ended late, with nary a moment off, but it proved enormously productive and projects were nudged forward. A short summary of the four days of project sessions.

Sanjeev Puri and family run Central News Agency, and carry, along with 17,000 other titles, Hinduism Today, helping with subscriptions in India. He came with ideas for additional exposure in India and shared much about how the future looks to him.

For most of one morning we were with the owners and editors of Motilal Banarsidass publishers. Palaniswami brought DVDs of the next books they will print in India, including the entire trilogy in black and white. They are interested in printing our Hindu Dictionary and history lessons, too. MLBD is India’s leading philosophical and Indological publisher and through them Gurudeva’s books reach deeply into the country.

With no one nearby, I use a mirror to capture the meeting with Sunil Dang. Sunil is 28 and looks 18. He has a small magazine design company in Delhi and we discussed ways his team might work with the Ganapati Kulam on projects in the future. Wonderful young man, devout with two gold earrings and a new wife.

Om Prakash Bajaj is an Iraivan supporter who has visited Kauai and plans a return in December. He came to greet the Kauai wanderers.

November 25th was a full 10 hours of meetings. The major ones were with a publishing team brought together by Dr. Kulkarni, center, to discuss the future of Hinduism Today in India. These are leaders in the publishing industry who all have a goal: to unify Hindus, overcome narrow differences and nurture cooperation and sharing. They feel there is no better way to do this than spread Hinduism Today around the country, for they feel the magazine can heal differences that paralyze the Hindu cause here.

Breaking after a few hours, Dr. Kulkarni took the teams to lunch where they were joined by six more top executives who share the same goals. We were told that Hinduism Today, if published in India, would be the first and only English language magazine in the country focused on religion.

Then back to the Hyatt for another 90 minutes of sharing and planning. Dr. Kulkarni has been promoting Hinduism Today since the 1980s and is determined to see an Indian edition manifest.

So determined he has spent a full year gathering a team that could do it. Each an expert in his field, they are as dedicated to the vision as he is. Let us see what Siva has in mind…

Our photographer left the room when we met with Shakti Malik, the owner of Abhinav Publishing who has printed our books in India, notably Weaver’s Wisdom. He now wants to produce an Indian edition of What Is Hinduism? and asked Palaniswami to bring all of the relevant files. He hopes to go to press in March of 2011. It is fascinating to watch the many ways that Gurudeva’s magical touch is now being appreciated and called for in India. One senses strongly that Gurudeva is busy these days in his World of Light.

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  1. Padmaja says:

    Reading this posting makes me very happy, I have always felt the need to have Gurudeva’s teachings available in India. There is no shortage of books, scriptures, Satgurus and sampradayas in India but there is something special about Gurudeva’s words, they resonate with your soul nature. I pray to Lord Ganesha to remove all the obstacles from the path of these determined souls, who are willing to take on this noble task. Aum.

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