Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-11-27

    Members and student hold a padapuja in Singapore. Dohadeva and Bhani preside beautifully. #

    On behalf of all Sivakumaran offers the satguru a gift: it's an iPad cover designed to look like wood. #

    Dohadeva shows the final arati. Members shcnted Natchintanai throughout. #

    Afterwards all enjoy Bodhinatha's summary of his travels in India, projects pushed forward & people met #

    A full day of karma seminars in S'Pore, Bodhinatha gathers everyone for a farewell. More details tomorrow. #

  • Video of our publisher presenting Sri Gopal Sharan Devacharya with the Hindu of the Year Award in Delhi last week. #
  • Video of our editor-in-chief explaining the relevance of the Hindu Renaissance Award to Sri Swami Gopal Sharan's work #
  • Donations to our Digital Dharma Drive are picking up. You can help us reach our goal by December 31. #
    Each one was eager to learn how to harness karma, resolve karma, not create unseemly new karmas. #

    The Karma Klass focused on 13 questions asked by Singaporeans. He first asked them to answer the question. #

    Dawn in S'pore as Bodhinatha leaves the final elevator, headed 4 Japan & Hawaii. Sleep on the plane tonight. #

    Singapore members take the travelers to dinner. Bodhinatha had a table with the youth & Palaniswami with… #

    A complete booklet on karma was prepared for each participant, giving secret insights into the mysteries. #

    Informal moments with the satguru, more precious than gold (even at $1,400 an ounce). #

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Bodhinatha On His Way Home

After spending time with the Sishya and several events in Singapore, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Paramacharya Palaniswami are on their way home, in a plane some where high in the sky as we write. They will be back on Kauai tomorrow morning.

At home the monks completed another productive phase. The Ganapati Kulam gave their news today. Acharya Kumarswami is working on a huge article on the Hindu view of the environment and climate change for the April 2011 issue of Hinduism Today being done in collaboration with Matthew McDermott who is one of the senior writers for In fact Matthew is here from New York, staying on Kauai for a week or so. Acharya Arumugaswami is preparing to leave for India for a short 5 day trip to handle some projects there that can only be done “hands on.” The rest of the team is working on the digital side of life, getting videos moving forward (see below), preparing for the web deployment of the January 2011 issue which officially launches on the 1st of December.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Ekadasi Tithi, Sun One, Tuesday, November 30th.

Gurudeva at the Parliament of Religions, 1993

At the Aadheenam, we have been moving forward with the herculean task of bringing thousands of hours of video to the digital era. This is a sample of the treasures we find. Gurudeva speaks at the Parliament of World’s Religions in Chicago, in 1993, where a hundred years earlier Swami Vivekanada entranced the audience with the wisdom of Hinduism. How bold, how simple and magical Gurudeva’s speech is. Watch it and chant AUM with him.

Bodhinatha and Palaniswami in Delhi, Part III

That night was our last and Dr. Kartikeyan, in white, arranged a talk by Bodhinatha at the prestigious Indian Habitat Centre, an elegant and happening place in Delhi.

Bodhinatha’s topic was Hinduism in American, with an emphasis on trends he has been following.

He went back in history, to when there were just 1,700 Hindus in the US (1895) and brought them up to today, with 2.39 million. The talk was wide-ranging and full of statistics and insights.

The audience nearly rose to their feet when questions and answers were announced, challenging, inquiring, seeking further clarifications.

This woman is from Iran, and works for the UN, specializing in women’s issues and protections.

This man has relatives in the US and had much to say about Bodhinatha’s main points.

The group was highly educated

and the questions not easy.

Bodhinatha tackled them all with impressive poise and insight.

Dr. Siva Bajpai attended. He is chairing a conference on “How Deep Are India’s Roots?” Dr. Bajpai is among the world’s most respected Indian historians and has been working with Acharya Arumugaswami on the development of a new and more accurate history of India for US school texts. Long, delightful day and stay in Delhi comes to a close. Tomorrow, off to Singapore at dawn.

Aastha TV Coverage of Bodhinatha's Presence at Golok Dham

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presents Sri Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya with the Hindu of the Year Award

Paramacharya Palaniswami speaks on the greatness of today’s preceptors of the Nimbarka Sampradaya, their work and the reasons behind giving the award

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