Sun One Auspicious Beginning for the Guhans

We started a new phase today with a special homa that bring two long time Master Course students into Hinduism.

Toshadeva Guhan and his wife Kamala, having completed their Level Two Master Course study, and legal name change have today received their Namakarana Samskara in Kadavul. Paramacharya Ceyonswami explains that they should read out the vows and pledge before the sacred fire and the congregation of devotees.

Toshadeva reads his pledge.

Then Kamala, who is behind the blazing heat of the homa.

They write their names out on the tray of rice…

Bodhinatha passes it over the fire.

He signs their certificates, which you can read below.

We welcome the Guhans into our worldwide Saiva Family!

Bodhinatha gave a short insightful Sun One talk referring to the quote of his description of Deepavali that is making it’s rounds on the internet…. =


Mahasamadhi Observances in Toronto

Rajamohan in Toronto shares: “We observed Gurudeva’s Maha Samadhi pooja in Toronto and attach herewith few photograph’s taken on this occasion. Many of swami’s devotees attended the pooja on this day.”

November 2010 Ganesha Homa Mauritius

The Spiritual Park of Mauritius is the pilgrimage centre of the hundreds of Hindu families of Mauritius on the first Sunday of every month. Devotees show their love by always bringing flowers and garlands to adorn Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati on this special occasion! Today Sunday November 7, we had many devotees at the Park as usual.

Every space in front of the Mandapam is filled up…

The Homa ceremony starts when the camphor flame of the first arati lights the homa pit. Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo the most senior Kulapati, officiates this ritual.

Four Kulapaties officiate the ceremony while all those present chant Lord Ganesha's mantra.

The talk of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami today was from the latest Hinduism Today Pubisher's Desk: "We are Whom We Meet."

One devotee signing up at the Himalayan Academy Booth for the Master Course.

Volunteers help fill thousands of bags of sweets to be distributed to devotees when they leave after the ceremony. This activity is coordinated by Kulapati Mougam Pariatumbee and his dedicated team.

Our busy shrine where all devotees queue up to make their offerings …

Devotees seated outside under the tent listening to Bodhinatha's talk read by Kulapati.

On the front Mandapam steps…

Devotees now leaving the Park after the ceremony …

They are now at the gate. The ceremony is over and they all look forward to be back on Sunday December 5th for the last Ganesha Homa of year 2010.

Riverfront Developments in Mauritius

Work continues at the edge of the river. Devotees are eager to make their offerings and get water to offer in the temple above.

The works proposed will aim at having a regular pattern and ensure a safe environment, with dedicated spots to collect water or make offerings

Vignettes from Mauritius

More image from the public homa on the 7th….

The Public at Lord Muruga Pavillon

Devotees queuing up to make offerings at the Small Pancha Mukha Ganapati secondary shrine as the main shrine is completely full.

Lord Pancha Muka Ganapathi has a new set of eyes filled with bright stones donated by Mr. and Mrs. Gopal of MEF

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