Sadhu Paksha Day Three

Sadhu Paksha Day Three…

More words of wisdom from Siva Yogaswami:

“We are the servitors of Lord Siva. We lack nothing. Our duty is to serve the Lord. It is the fundamental goal of our life in this world.

“The moon fulfils the will of Siva. The sun and other planets also carry out His bidding….

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dvitiya Tithi, Sun One, Monday, December 6th.

“The gods and demons, and all other beings are also engaged in the performance of the Lord’s work.

“In everything do we see the will of Siva at work. Not an atom moves but by His will--nothing gained and nothing lost. We continue to be ever the same….

“There is no one above us or superior to us; good and evil cannot affect us. There is no beginning and no end for us. We have no likes or dislikes; we have no desire for material goods….

“The spectre of the mind does not haunt us; neither are we bound by the limitations of place, time or causation. We simply bear witness to everything around us…

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  1. MARIMARU says:

    OM GURU OM!!! hermosas palabras es verdad nada es tan malo ni tan bueno, solo DIOS ES, que dificil a veces de recordar en este mundo de maya, pero gracias a ustedes, que nos ayudan a recordar, solo DIOS SOLO DIOS ES, OM NAMAH SHIVAIA, NAMASTE!!!!

  2. Tebo Booth says:

    I appreciate living the truth and being of service.
    Clearly all life is connected in this true living; this is how this was known to my awareness at its’ current evolution during my time helping repair your field mower; and am humbled by the blessing and your thankfulness after my term there being of service, I felt this after all was done and had left back into the “wilderness” of the “outside”.
    I can confirm and sustain that you are all close and telepathic to each other in your true church. I love you all; Is this okay?
    LIfe is goodness, always has been and never wasn’t.

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