Hinduism Today in India

Some news from our 18-day trip that might inspire everyone. So many doors opened, and so many engaging connections with our members and students. First time Bodhinatha and I spoke to an audience of 23 million (live Ashta TV), so that's a new benchmark. My strongest impression came from the team in Delhi which is seeking to publish an Indian Edition of Hinduism Today. This is not your ordinary publishing group. They are five top national leaders in their fields, and each is a mature, informed and devout Hindu. Together they make a most impressive force and if anyone can make the magazine succeed in India, they can. They have known and read Hinduism Today since 1993 and their love of the magazine was only exceeded by their appeals to allow them to print an edition in Bharat, which would have some Indian news not now found in our International Edition.

Why? They described at some length how Hinduism has become divided and fragmented in India, sects vying for followers, groups fighting and competing with one another. They deplore the lack of unity and cooperation, and they are convinced that Hinduism Today can create a new model, bring the many Hindu fellowships together, inspire a higher conversation, communion, cooperation and instill a shared purpose. In short, they told us that Hinduism Today, in their opinion, offers the best hope for a powerful and positive future of Hinduism in their nation. They firmly believe that a strong Hinduism means a strong India. And, they stressed, it would be the only English language religious publication in the entire country! How happy our Gurudeva would be to see this appreciation for his little magazine. He created something unique, something remarkable which he called "the prow of our ship,", and it is now, after 32 years, being embraced as Hinduism's "best hope." Let us see where it all goes and if they can sustain and fulfill their eagerness. Yes, Hinduism Today is free online. One of our digital gifts to the world.

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