Sadhu Paksha Day Six

Yogaswami sang:

“The single Word hath purified my dross,
The soulful incantation of Siva Siva
No more do I succumb to good and ill,
Nor to the distinction of one and the many.
No more aching sorrows, as I awaken
To the knowledge of my real Self.”

“Sing ye the hallowed name of Siva, Siva
I’ve attained the goal of this life.
And am in command of everything around.
I roam at will in sweet leisure,
With the whole world as my kin.”

“Sing ye in joyful strains Siva, Siva.
The felicity that generates from the Word,
I cannot recount, except be immersed in it.
The end of knowledge is mine without learning.
I hold the key of existence in my hand.”

“Oh magnify the praise of Siva, Siva.
The macrocosm, the whole of the cosmos
I see with veneration deep within me
Therein I behold His fragrant Feet,
Where arise the devas and the triune.”

“Enraptured in an ecstasy, Siva, Siva.
By constancy of love do I apprehend;
Yet in trepidation, I gaze at nothing,
Magnificent indeed is the mystery
Baffling the understanding of even the realized seers.”

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  1. Chandra Hoezoo says:

    Siva Siva!
    Thank you for the insight.

  2. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Where Siva itself lives!

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