Sadhu Paksha Day Seven

More uplifting words from Yogaswami:

“Serve Him by praise, by the action of the hand, by touch and sight, by the power of the mind and soul, and such dedicated work will take you to the supreme goal of Siva.


“There is one thing that man implores of Siva, that we may serve Him unto aeons as His bondsman. His pledge of eternal servitude can only be fulfilled with His Grace, and so by ceaseless contemplation can Siva blossom in the hearts of the devotees.”

“The mind flits like a prancing monkey. One knows not how to quell its frolics; Well said. There is a fine remedy within you. Perhaps you have forgotten it. Listen. Take in daily the medicine of ‘Siva Dhyanam’--contemplation of Siva. The pranks of the impish mind will be subdued. When you take it, mix it with a decoction which also you possess. Restraint of the tongue and control of desires are the ingredients which form the decoction.

Even this will not suffice. Everything depends on the correct diet. And that too is within your control. This will consist of balanced diet, adequate sleep and moderate exercise. Thus fulfillment is assured. Follow this prescription for the well being of your Soul. If one yearns to control and subdue the mind fully, one should practice Siva Dhyanam--contemplation on Siva. It is the ceaseless and constant remembrance of Siva. He will then begin to concentrate step by step and focus his mind on the One Supreme Reality. “

“Peace, serenity, patience and endurance will then blossom within him. His mind will be brimming with contentment. Praise or blame will not affect him; He will dwell in the light of his inner self; He will radiate benevolence and the good of others shall become his own blessedness. If one takes a hand lamp at night, will he falter in the dark? He will not stumble. Like-wise no evil can shadow the path of him who meditates on Siva? He will not see any imperfection. Practice is better than precept. Ill-will has no place where good-will reigns.”

— Yogaswami

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  1. marimaru says:

    gracias yogaswami hermosas tus palabras!!!

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