Sadhu Paksha Day Eight

Yogaswami says:

We are the servitors of Siva;
Siva’s servitors are we
We are Sivanadiyar;
Sivanadiyar are we.
This is Sariyai--moral excellence
This is Kriyai--service
This is Yoga--harmony
This is Jnana--wisdom.


“This is the sacred mystery. In this Truth lies the sovereign remedy.

“Steadfast contemplation leads to the bliss of serenity.

“A contemplative is not swayed by rules of conduct. An ascetic life of fasting and norms of discipline have no impact on these ardent servitors of Siva.

“These noble legion have so lived, and do live and shall continue to live in the world ever so spontaneously. No one can fathom their greatness. The sweetness of sugar-candy can only be relished by those who have tasted it.

1. Oru Pollappumillai--Intrinsic evil there is not.

2. Eppavo Mudintha Kaariyam--That is what it is--
Accomplished is His Will.

3. Naamariyom--We know not.

4. Muluvathum Unmai--All That IS, is Truth Abolute.

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