Sadhu Paksha Day Nine

Yogaswami said:

“We are THAT: We do not become THAT. Under no circumstance, and from no one should we beg. Guru and disciple are not separate entities. All are THAT. Man must endure suffering. It is the invigorating tonic. Smile at yourself when sorrow befalls you. Joy and sorrow affect only the body.”

“Control thy mind step by step. Direct thy thoughts to God and learn to concentrate on Him Free thyself from the bonds of desire and hatred for any object. Discern with equanimity praise and blame. In matters of spirituality, do not associate with those who have no devotion. Speak the truth boldly in the company of persons. Let not the sway of authority deviate you from acting according to your conscience. Better than the knowledge gained from books, is the wisdom born of noble men’s association.

Justice, Discrimination, Courage and Truth are the Soul’s jewels. Obedience to fear is the mark of the cowards. Obeisance to Love is the hall-mark of the strong. Whatever belongs to you should be shared with Him.

By pointing at evil, one cannot purge evil; by means of goodness, integrity, and love can evil be overcome. A man who has no patience cannot be a man of justice.

“That I am; that I abide in every being,” are truths which most people cannot easily comprehend.

One Response to “Sadhu Paksha Day Nine”

  1. Ushadevi says:

    A song came right into my head with that beautiful picture of Satguru Bodhinatha….It goes something like, “Santam upa santam, sarvam brahma mayam, santam, upa santam……[words spelled wrong here] Anyway, love, joy and sweet love again, when the masters are seen and heard. Songs of Yogaswami and the soft smile of Bodhinatha. Happy Friday!

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