Gayatri Rajan on the Importance of our Digital Dharma Drive

With so much misinformation, even disinformation on Hinduism abounding, it is deeply important to have accurate online resources on Hinduism–as many as possible. Congratulations and thanks are due to the monks of Kauai's Hindu Monastery. Not only do they maintain and continually expand an astonishing compilation of news, information and insight, it's presented in cutting edge media: from ink on paper to digital print to numerous audio/visual media, all with world-class graphics and writing: at once fresh, lively, profound and thought-provoking. Oh, and gorgeous.
The venerable monks present their own cherished Saivism in full, as well as an abundance of material on general Hinduism; history, current events and issues, health, scriptures, arts and culture, temples, and best of all, practical observations on spiritual life skills, yoga and sadhana by a realized satguru. This is the most comprehensive, insightful, well researched and accurate, and visually delightful window into the Sanatana Dharma you'll ever find anywhere–digital or analog. And, with our help, it's absolutely free.
Jai to the monks of Kauai's Hindu Monastery! We are forever indebted to you.
Mrs. Gayatri Rajan
Canyon, California

3 Responses to “Gayatri Rajan on the Importance of our Digital Dharma Drive”

  1. Nandikesh says:

    In many cases this is the only resource for authentic, undiluted dharma. Can you imagine what a lifeline it must be for those too far away from any temple, those without a sangha, or living in countries hostile to Hinduism? I think this is more important to the lives of others than many of us may know.

  2. David Lippmann says:

    I agree, Nadikesh. I live in a small town, in the Philippines, and I am the only practicing Hindu here, that I am currently aware of.
    My Room Shrine Areas, and the Precious Monastery Websites, are my only links to it all. Externally.
    I would also like to add: I thought Gayatri Rajan’s comments were so spot on.
    I also thought, what an amazing facility, for clearly articulating the deepest of insights.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. David Lippmann says:

    I really enjoyed reading Mrs. Gayatri Rajans comment. Thank you for that.
    I currently live in an area where there are few Hindu resources, so the Kauai Hindu Monastery Website is also, for me, a very valuable resource.
    With Love and Appreciation,

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