Post Sadhu Paksha Tour Day

After the weekly tour if Bodhinatha is available he will go to the Minimela to sign books and chat with our guests.

Here he is, after yesterday’s tour, blessing one of eleven Aadheenam grown Rudraksha malas one of our inspired guests purchased for their family back on the mainland. It just might be a record for a single sale of Rudraksha Malas to one individual!

These are lovingly prepared by the Wailua Mission members and the proceeds go to the Iraivan Temple Building Fund.

Big demand built up over Sadhu Paksha created a large group for our weekly tour. Front and second from left stands our own Jiva Rajasankara

Here Jiva explains that they sharpen about 3,000 chisels a day at the Iraivan worksite! Guests were able to get answers to every conceivable question about the construction of Iraivan. How wonderful to have Jiva here!

Art Work Distributed in Sri Lanka

The artwork commissioned for the new Paramapara book was done by the great, late S. Rajam.

Paramacharya Palaniswami had some printed in large format as a gift for the Parampara’s devotees in Sri Lanka.

Thondunathan writes:

Vanakkam Swami,

When I visited Sri Lanka in September, Palaniswami sent along with me some Yogaswami paintings.

Here we are presenting these to the Gurukulam and Sivathondan Nilayam in Batticaloa.

I have told them that this a gift from Kauai Aadheenam.

With Love,


Pancha Ganapati Is Almost Here!

Energy is intensifying with the convergence of the coming Maha Ardra puja, total lunar eclipse, the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice and the beginning of Pancha Ganapati all on the same day-- December 21st.

Invitation for Members and Students in Mauritius

Aum Sivaya,

Prostration to the Lotus Feet of Lord Pancha Ganapati! Humble

Obeisance to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami,

We are pleased to invite all our Church members, MC students and SHR students as well as their parents to attend Pancha Ganapati on Wednesday 22nd December at 9.30 AM. Activities will include a simple puja, cultural and educational shows by our SHR youth class, fun games and more. Lunch will be served. Activities will end by 13.30 PM.

Kindly see invitation attached.

To learn more about how to celebrate Pancha Ganapati click here:
We look forward to see you all. Aum.


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