Preparing For Pancha Ganapati – A Poem from St. Lucia

Toshadevi writes this poem of five verses as she prepares the home for the coming celebrations:

Five special days are ours to make
Honour Lord Ganapati and celebrate
Family, friends,associates, culture and fun
The magic of Ganapati has just begun

“Naughty or nice” you are on his list
No checking it twice he has never missed
Dear Ganapati god of all our beginnings
Ever patient and kind overlooks our shortcomings

As Pancha Ganapati comes again
His love and blessings will remain
New opportunities for positive change
Every abundance he can arrange

So royally dress him in colours so fine
And serve him all thats fittingly divine
Brighten your dwellings and share all you can
Infinite measure the love he can span

Family, togetherness, love, joy and more
May you have all that your heart’s wishing for
Pancha Ganapati comes to your home
Aum shanti, aum shanti, aum shanti aum

And eCards are coming in from all over!

One Response to “Preparing For Pancha Ganapati – A Poem from St. Lucia”

  1. David Lippmann says:

    I love Lord Ganesha so much!!!

    Whenever I find myself struggling with something, all I have to do is stand before the Blessed image, of this Incredible Mahadeva, and “talk it all out”.

    Then things, much more often then not, become clear.

    I always feel God Ganeshas love, and Divine Warmth, pouring into my space, during Puja.

    I would aso like to take this opportunity, to wish His Holiness,Sat Guru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, and all the Monks, and everyone else, a wonderful and awesome Pancha Ganapathi!!!

    Thank you so much,

    All my Love, Respect, Devotion, and Appreciation,


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