Silpis Return Home


Today another team of silpis concluded their two year tour of duty. They had a final darshan with Bodhinatha this morning and Kulapati Jiva Rajasankara took them to the airport this afternoon.

This team had an unusual time because for the bulk of their stay they worked without a resident architect. Working in close cooperation with Yoginathaswami, they moved the Iraivan project forward dynamically during their stay and we are all grateful for their contribution to this historic temple.

The stones for the next phase, the railings, front entrance and the balance of the Nandi Mandapam are still in the process of being carved. For this reason we will be delaying the next team’s arrival until there is sufficient work to keep them busy. This means that Iraivan and our Siddhidata Kulam will have a rest for a while.

Pancha Ganapati Explained

Rajkumar Manickam has created this small movie. You can tweet this to all your friends to help them learn about the Pancha Ganapati Festival.

Malaysia's Pancha Ganapati Day Four

Brother Devadas’s family host the 4th day Pancha Ganapati celebration.

Lord Ganesha shines in emerald green…

Simple Ganesha puja..

The new team of youths who are actively involved in carrying out Gurudeva’s activities in Kadavul Illam.

The sadhana of day four is to draw forth the vibration of joy and harmony that comes from music, art, drama and the dance. Family, relatives and friends gather for satsanga to share and enjoy their artistic talents.

Its time to have some fun…

The aim of the game is to undo the tangles without untying the knots of the string in respective groups.

We have the Shakti team…

and the Siva team… working very hard towards achieving the goal..

The Siva team wins!!!!

Arati to end the event…

Brother Devadas’s family …

They have exquisite collections of Lord Ganesha…


Panchamukha Ganapati…

The last day of Pancha Ganapati celebration awaits…

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