Sadhu Paksha Day Three

Sadhu Paksha Day Three…

More words of wisdom from Siva Yogaswami:

“We are the servitors of Lord Siva. We lack nothing. Our duty is to serve the Lord. It is the fundamental goal of our life in this world.

“The moon fulfils the will of Siva. The sun and other planets also carry out His bidding….

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dvitiya Tithi, Sun One, Monday, December 6th.

“The gods and demons, and all other beings are also engaged in the performance of the Lord’s work.

“In everything do we see the will of Siva at work. Not an atom moves but by His will--nothing gained and nothing lost. We continue to be ever the same….

“There is no one above us or superior to us; good and evil cannot affect us. There is no beginning and no end for us. We have no likes or dislikes; we have no desire for material goods….

“The spectre of the mind does not haunt us; neither are we bound by the limitations of place, time or causation. We simply bear witness to everything around us…

Acharya Arumugaswami and Sannyasin Yoginathaswami Off to India

Arumugaswami and Yoginathaswami are off to India for a dynamic mission to touch base with key associates the temple work on Kauai and other important projects that are best handled in person. Sometime the phone and email are just not enough. Two days going, 5 days on the ground and 2 days coming home for an intensive trip!

Why We Need Funds for Our Online Resources

A Message from the Editors

As you might imagine, creating and sharing an articulate and graphically elegant repository of Hinduism is neither easy nor without costs. Yet there has never been a greater need, with youth learning their spiritual ABCs online and millions discovering Hinduism digitally. That’s what our annual fundraising campaign is all about. It’s a chance for you to help us to help Hinduism globally.

Those of us who create it know the challenges. And one of the challenges is funding. A few astute donors to our new Digital Dharma Drive have brought to our attention that it may appear to many who see fund-raising reports throughout the year for our other projects that we are bringing in plenty of money and that we could just as well spend some of it on our websites and online initiatives rather than having a separate fund-raising drive. We can’t simply reallocate funds given to us for a different project to this one without taking away from those projects, and from our promise to the donors who gave for them.

Activities at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery operate on a donation basis, and when we need money for a project, we raise funds for it. We are strict in the usage of those funds; contributions are only used for the projects they are given for. Some projects, such as Hinduism Today magazine and our various books, are self-funding, and because volume is low (we are in a niche market!), there is little (or nothing!) left over when all of the costs of producing those projects are taken care of.

For many years, we have operated under the guiding principle that our many Hindu resources will all be available digitally for free. Yes, we could charge for them, but many who might find them inspiring or needed would simply not pay. But free to them is not free to us. We have significant costs in running some of Hinduism’s leading websites. Plus we want to grow a little, provide Gurudeva’s teachings in the ever-growing list of new formats, maintain and upgrade the websites, engage some professional help, support the computer systems we use to produce and provide all of these vast resources. These goals all come with a price tag. It’s a small one, but it is there.

We are committed to providing it all without charging for downloads, without showing advertisements on our sites, without commercializing our mission. Without these revenue sources, we turn to you to help.

This year’s drive ends on December 31. Many have given but our goal is still not in sight. We hope you will join in helping us meet our $50,000 goal. It’s not a lot of money, but in the right hands it will have a profound impact on the future of Hinduism around the world. Please make a donation today to keep our sites strong today and well into 2011.

Warm greetings this holiday season,

The Editors
Kauai’s Hindu Monastery
Himalayan Academy Publications

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