Gunamaya Takes Her Arul Sishya Vows

Aum Sivaya,

Yesterday I read my vows aloud at the San Diego Temple. Ravi, Sheela and their kids were there. Before I read the vows, the priest did a puja to Ganesha.

It was very beautiful and it was great to feel the presence of Ganesha on this special occasion.

Aum shanti

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  1. Nandikesh says:

    Wonderful, Gunamaya! And so inspiring! Aum Namah Sivaya and Jai Ganesa. What a great day that must have been for you. Nandikesh.


    Aum Namah Sivaya
    Jai Ganesa!
    I am so happy for you. Congratulations!
    Aum Aum
    Dasan Mahadevan

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