Retrospective on Bodhinatha's Mission

Sadhu Paksha continues at the Aadheenam. Bodhinatha, Acharya Arumugaswami and Sadhaka Nandinatha arrived home in excellent health having come safely through a myriad of events and experiences and many mission accomplishments, for the next few phases, TAKA will consist of photos and slideshows from the mission/pilgrimage. They may not all be in chronological order. We hope you enjoy our new wide format.

We have a few photos sent from Swamimalai. Bodhinatha’s visit to see the avudaiyar was staged as a major event.

Selvanathan Stapathi who designed the Avudaiyar and Kubera Stapathi who manifested it with his team of metal craftsmen hail this piece as something unique in the history of temple sculpture in recent times.

Bodhinatha speaks at the event. Seated is
Thiru Nellaiappan, our Liaison Officer in India, who continues to do a brilliant job facilitating all our work and events in Tamil Nadu. Thank you Nellaiappan!

Inspecting the avudaiyar with media present to document the event

Mauritius April 2010 Ganesha Homa at Spiritual Park

Some 5000 people attended the April Ganesha Homa at the Spiritual Park. Many devotees are now coming early morning with their offerings of fruits and flowers and written prayers, to worship Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati and leave early to avoid traffic congestion and parking hassle during the day. However, many prefer to stay at the Park to attend the sacred fire ceremony being held in the Ganesha Mandapam.

Four kulapaties, here Kulapati Manon, Koothan, Valaytan and Kulagan seated on the four sides of the homa pit and conducting the ceremony while the all those present, even the far away devotee in the crowd outside would be lovingly chanting the 108 mantra invoking Lord Ganapati.

This is the busiest shrine of the Park on Homa days, where all devotees bring their personal offerings. A dynamic team comprising of members, Master Course students and a few volunteers are there to coordinate everything: breaking hundreds of coconuts, placing offerings at the Lord's feet, conducting arati etc…. We appreciate their their tireless sivathondu on such days and devotees leave this shrine always feeling spiritually uplifted.

To reach this small Pancha Ganapati shrine one has to wait long in the line that goes for several metres on the southern side of the Park.

After worshipping at the Ganesha shrine devotees move to Lord Siva Dakshina amidst the Konrai trees.

Then a walk down the property enjoying the cool sea breeze before reaching the Lord Muruga Shrine overlooking the ocean.

Aum Saravanabavaya Namah! Lord Muruga Blessing the devotees ….The next coming May Homa will be another great spiritual day at the Park. Till then..Aum.

New Vasana Daha Tantra Urn for Kauai Aadheenam

Work in India continues, not only on stones for Iraivan by a few other projects as well. Those who are familiar with the entrance to Kauai Aadheenam from the Kaholalele Road side know that we have a Vasana Daha Tantra burning urn at the Puakenekene Mandapam. We are approaching the installation of a granite archway soon and to go along with this is a new all granite urn for burning up things in the subconscious.

Stones that are not being used for Iraivan temple may be carved with modern tools. Here we are polishing with an electric grinder.

Swami Mayatitananda Comments on Hinduism Today

Swami Mayatitananda was another one of our interviewees in Melbourne last December. She has written for Hinduism Today for over a decade and has always admired the magazine. It was truly a joy for us to meet up with her, talk to her about various issues facing Hinduism nowadays, and to hear her thoughts about the magazine. "It is the voice of reason for Hinduism. It's also an intelligent voice that deals with the issues straightforwardly, intelligently. We are so fortunate as a Hindu community, world community, to have Hinduism Today. So many of our Hindu erudite leaders are so busy that they're not able to put pen to paper or collect thought in a cohesive manner. You've covered the issues intelligently, well, in defense of Hinduism, for Hinduism, safeguarding and also explaining Hinduism to those who have a whole lot of ideas that are erroneous about the tradition.

"What you did in terms of the textbooks alone, that whole series you did on the protection of the textbooks in America--why can't Hindu erudite scholars oversee the formation of those manuscripts? Why must it be done by this chap from Harvard, whatever his name was, Witzel, who still lives in the Harappan civilization with some erroneous history? He still thinks that the Aryan civilization are the rishis, and those types of propaganda! Hinduism Today has been incredible as a very rational, reasonable voice backed by the Shastra, backed by Vedic wisdom and quotes and knowledge, to position itself in response to so many erroneous things about Hinduism. We are so fortunate to have Hinduism Today disseminating information--more education than information, I would say--in a really amazing manner."

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