Sun 2

Sun 2 brought us the powerful Ardra puja of Lord Nataraja. The Aadheenam is filled with vibrant actinic energy.

We hope you like this photo of Bodhinatha, taken at the Natha Sampradaya Monastery in Hardwar, India, featured in the slide show below.

Also note, another talk by Bodhinatha linked today in the side bar.

Teaching in Arizona

Chellappa and Banudevi’s classes in Arizona are progressing well.

They write:

“We had a wonderful satsang/book 1 class today at Jai and Chandra’s.”

The lesson today was “We worship Lord Ganesha first.”

Satsang was very international today with devotees from Trinidad, Guyana, Nepal and Malaysia.

Gukol is from Trinidad and sang some beautiful Hindi and Trinidad Bhajans.

Om Om Chellappa and Banu

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