Bodhinatha is welcomed to Malaysia

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami arrived in Malaysia on May 29, 2010 to be welcomed with this "We love you" sign by several members, students and devotees. Upon arrival, they were met by one of Bodhinatha's devotees, Valluvan, a government official, who quickly escorted them to a special immigration officer. This allowed them to bypass the long ques through the sometimes very lengthy immigration lines. Thank you Valluvan. They proceeded from the airport to enjoy lunch in Brickfields at the Annalakshmi Restaurant on the ground floor of the Temple of Fine Arts, a new five story building dedicated to teaching music, dance and other cultural arts. The facility was quite active with numerous classes in progress. Visit their website here…

Bodhinatha rides the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore devotees invited Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami to ride on the Singapore Flyer, the Singapore version of the London Eye. It is like a huge bicycle wheel with "people cylinders" in which up to 28 passengers can take a 30 minute ride above the city. It is in a perfect location with views of the ocean and the harbor, the inner city skyscrapers and "Crane City" the section of Singapore with a large population of cranes. Not the bird kind, the construction kind, there are hundreds of cranes helping to build numerous hi-rise buildings. Shown above is Bodhinatha with Kulapati Dohadeva and Kulamata Nagavathy Samugam, our most senior and long time members in Singapore.

This is a view of the "people cylinders" or "capsules" as you cue up to board the 42 story-high (541 feet) observation wheel. The Singapore Flyer is an engineering feat and the tallest ferris wheel in the world. You can read all about it <a href="" target="_blank">here…</a>

Our close group of Singapore devotees enjoyed being with Satguru Bodhinatha and experiencing one more version of the "mountaintop perspective." Let's try to put a name to everybody, left to right: Thanaletchmi, Gopi, Shanta Devi, Suselah, Sudha, Thivaashenee (mini-person), Sakuntalai, Bodhinatha, Bhani, Rema Devi, Nagavathy and Dohadeva. Missing from the photo, we are not sure how that happened, perhaps he stepped out for a moment, is Shanmuganathaswami, the photographer. Our happy crew waited two years to be with Bodhinatha to ride this giant wheel which initially rotated counter-clockwise as viewed from the Marina Centre, but the direction was changed under the advise of the Fung shui masters.

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