Sun Five

It is the end of our phase and a dynamic phase it was indeed. Hinduism Today July issue is off to the printer in Missouri. It is another stunning issue. The three feature stories: Rites of Passage in Nepal, Insight: Hindu Healing, Mauritius Hindu Renaissance are visual feasts and remarkable accounts that convey the richness and power of our ancient faith! Hinduism Today, Tomorrow and Forever!

Meanwhile you will all be seeing the slide shows from India. We have been working backwards in time. Stay tuned for next phase when the story of Bodhinatha’s stay in North India will unfold in these slide shows.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Friday, March 24th.
though you may see a few Tweets along the way.

Newly Weds from Mumbai

Vasant and Vani Nath, here today on honeymoon from Mumbai. Vasant is a filmmaker and Vani does television marketing. Their parents recently visited Kauai Aadheenam and they made a point to come half-way around the world to be here and have their marriage blessed by Lord Nataraja on our beautiful Garden Island of Kauai.

Remembering Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Visit

On April 9th TAKA reported ever so briefly on the brief visit of one of India's most renowned spiritual men, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Now we have received a few photos from his followers taken on that day, and so we say a few more words today about his visit.

Here Sri Ravi Shankar enters the monastery for a blitzkrieg tour, limited, followers bemoaned, by a flight departure. One of the most popular Indian spiritual men in the world, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founded the Art of Living institution which teaches breathing techniques and meditation, and undertakes an amazing array of social services.

Here is his definition of meditation in response to a devotee's query: Question: What is meditation? Sri Sri: Meditation is not trying to think of something. Meditation is relaxing deeply. If you are concentrating on a problem, then you are not relaxing. Meditation is almost like sleep, but it's not sleep. It is what happens right afterSudarshan Kriya – when you are lying down, what's on your mind? Nothing! There is nothing. It's blank. That is meditation. Or, when you are really happy or when you are resting, then, what is the state of your mind? That is a meditative mind. Even when you are in deep love… and you are reposing in love, then that is meditation. It's very simple! When the mind becomes free from agitation, when it becomes calm and serene, and is at peace, then meditation happens. By meditation you can turn your body into a powerhouse as your generate an inner source of energy.

Palaniswami greeted our special visitor, who came with about 20 followers.

All were delighted to be in such a surprisingly traditional monastery.

While a dozen ran behind, Sri Sri and a few hopped aboard one of our Mules for the tour.

Tales of Iraivan were the topic of the day.

Sri Sri would say, at the end, "I have been to so many ashrams, so many temples around the world. This is the most beautiful of them all." Quite a statement from such a widely-traveled soul.

Question: How can I be assured of salvation and a perfect life on this planet? Sri Sri: You need a warranty on the spiritual path also, don't you?! Examine how much time you spend on the spiritual path… Evaluate the seva (service) you are doing… How much are you meditating? There should be a balance between seva and meditation. Those who do a lot of service get burnt out, if they don't make time for meditation, and those, who only meditate, become 'dry', if they don't make time for service. So you need both – service and meditation.

Palaniswami gave a few humble gifts to Sri Sri, and the monastery wished him well on his journey, off to California next.

Our New Quartzite Path

It's Rudraksha harvest time in the forests of the monastery. There are hundreds of thousands of cobalt blue fruits on the ground today.

They are falling on the picnic tables. Everywhere. Quite a sight!

Jonathan Anderson, our master path builder, made great progress today putting stone on the Tiruneri Path.

He is quite artistic about it, and proud that he never did this in his life yet is performing like a pro.

This is quartzite, a stone that is so hard the little critters that inhabit every cubic nanometer of the tropics (moss, algae, fungi and such) can't get a grip on it, so the path never becomes slippery.

See if you can tell which is the old and which is the new path.

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