Bodhinatha Visits the Malaysia Hindu Sangam Headquarters

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami visited the headquarters of the Malaysia Hindu Sangam. We don't have all the names of the officers in the photo, but the president, Thiru Mohan Shanmugam is in white behind Bodhinatha and Dr. M. Bala Tharmalingam, the Deputy President is to the far right.

Dr. Bala gave a presentation of a syllabus the Sangam is developing on Hinduism, and then Bodhinatha was invited to give a short talk which was translated by Dr. Bala into Tamil.

Bodhinatha handed out sewing class certificates to a group of students. The Sangam is active in teaching courses in cooking, sewing and other home arts for the local community. Visit the Malaysia Hindu website at

Tour Day

Visitors today on our public tour were an interesting group. The seemed extra sensitive to the “sannidhya” (powerful force of sanctity that radiates out and around a holy place) of the temple grounds. One gentleman gave testimony regarding a professor at Stanford University who has published evidence that material changes are evident in areas where deep mediation are performed over a sustained period of time.

It is a special treat to see the silpis actually at work on the temple. Here Silpi Kannan finishes the last course of the beautiful railing!

This inspired pilgrim did the entire tour without shoes (even the gravel road) as a discipline.

Kulamata Amala speaking to the group about our Rudraksha project and fund raising for Iraivan.

These are our neighbors, Beverly & Bart. Bart’s mother is visiting and loved her time at the Temple.

Preparations for our Innersear…

Preparations for our Innersearch travel-study program are getting serious. Our caterer just came to see where we will be serving meals.

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