Singapore Devotees Have Darshan

We had a wonderful contingent of devotees from Singapore with us for Innersearch. They all met with Bodhinatha today as they are flying off to Singapore tomorrow morning early. Left to right: Shamala Raman and her father Raman and mother Sushela. On the right in the back Krishnan Mariappan and his wife Sakuntalai. In front, right Sudha Vinadharan and her little daughter Thivaashenee. They are the lucky ones who get to see Bodhinatha every time he transits through Singapore. Thank you for coming for innersearch!

Task Forcers Arrive

Seiyonne Kumar and Deva Rajan are both here. Seiyonne is taking just a few days for retreat after graduating from university, before he starts working. Kulapati Deva Rajan is here to continue work on various construction projects at the Aadheenam

Innersearch Day 4

The second full day at Camp Sloggett was wonderful. We all felt completed disconnected from the bhuloka. It was as if we were transported to another realm far away from the world.

The morning started with Hatha yoga with Acharya Kumarswami.

Then another in-depth classed on Vedanta and Siddhanta with Bodhinatha.

Before lunch we had our traditional innersearch photo with all participants and our banner.

It was a joyful time. Here we catch the Patel family, Mrunal, Padma and their daughter Pooja. All of them are advancing rapidly through the Master Course study as a family.

We had a very special and unusual cultural performance. Master story teller and powerful chanter of Hawaiian songs, Kumu Hula Mauli Ola Cook, regaled us with a mesmerizing rendition of the history of the Hawaiian people and the legend of Goddess Pele.

Kumu Mauli has dedicated her life to bringing the culture of Hula and Hawaiian studies to school children.

Her dramatic story of the history of the Hawaiian people all the way through to the fall of the Hawaiian traditions was both informative and captivating.

She subsequently told the group that there has been a resurgence of Hawaii culture and immersion schools (where they speak Hawaiian language) are flourishing.

New Baby Bull Calf – Mela

Early in the morning at about 4AM, June 16, 2010, a new baby bull calf arrived. His name is Mela. His mother is Anuradha, and this is her second calf. Both are in good health.

Mauritius Ganesha Homa June 2010-Spiritual Park

The Ganesha Homa is always a memorable spiritual experience for these thousands of devotees who turn up every month at La Pointe. Early morning the traffic is already held up and a big team of police officers have a busy time controlling every movement on the road leading to the Spiritual Park.

In the adjacent roads close to the Park, one would see lined up, numerous sellers of all kinds… selling a variety of religious items and food. Here are flowers on sale…

Devotees buy food and sweets at this stall and at many others found down that same street.

You need CDs and DVDs, you find them too there …

But once you get inside the Park, your first step is to find a good place where you can have a view of the Homa ceremony going on at the Ganesha Mandapam. The front area is always tightly packed as you see and you can barely walk in…

The ceremony starts with four kulapaties officiating the Homa into which will be burnt hundreds of written prayers,

One devotee from the island of Kauai! This is Jutikadevi Sivaraja on a short visit to Mauritius on her trip to India. She made a wonderful testimony about Mauritius and the warm welcome given to her here. She said that the Mauritian beaches are not the only among the most beautiful in the world, but also the hearts of Mauritians are that much warm and beautiful. Judikadevi says she is a great devotee of Lord Ganapati!

Kulapati Siven Koothan giving a talk from Bodhinatha's teaching on karma.

Here some volunteers helping at the Himalayan Academy Booth where the Church publications are displayed and sold during Ganesha Homa.

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