Rudiren Carpanen Pillay Meets Bodhinatha

Rudiren, 31, originally from Mauritius, is now a young professor at the century-old famed University of Kwazulu-Natal in Durban South Africa, which bills itself as “the Premier University of African Scholarship.”

Rudiren met with Bodhinatha today. He met Gurudeva years ago in Mauritius as a young teenager and has been close to our Church members there for many years. He started the Course several years ago and, having completed Level Three, will become an Arul Sishya in a few days.

He and Bodhinatha talked about Saivism in South Africa and the interesting way it developed there in the Tamil community over the decades. Rudiren attends a traditional small Siva temple, near the university whose priest is from Sri Lanka and has been serving there for 20 years.

Durban is a beautiful upscale seaside port city (think of San Francisco in Africa) with a population of 3.5 million. Twenty-five percent are Indian and of them 60% are of Tamil background. The city is known for its Indianized with the largest Asian population in South Africa, with many bazaars, shops, restaurants and temples.

Durban is South Africa’s largest Port City, with spectacular beaches and a big tourism industry of people who come for vacation on the beautiful African coast.

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