Sun Four – Ashram Sadhana Day

Today was Sun Four, Ashram Sadhana day, the monks were cleaning all morning.

Yesterday's Tour Day

Our neighbor and good friend Greg Smith with his beautiful family joined about eighty inspired souls for this week’s public tour.

The Mohamed family from Vancouver, Canada expressed their appreciation for what the monks are doing here.

A treasure hunt of sacred seeds!

Guests appreciate the miraculous, after hearing of the many challenges the monks had to overcome in making Iraivan a reality.

Murali & Purvi from Austin Texas, recently married and loving every inch of Kauai Aadheenam.

Innersearch Kauai 2010 Diary Day 10

Our Innersearch journalists report on the final day, Day 10, June 21: We began our last day of Innersearch with a beautiful sunrise meditation on the beach at 5:45 am, a rare opportunity for most of us, therefore inspiring us to make the most out of the moment. The sun rose majestically over the Pacific Ocean, filling us with bright radiant light. We gathered for an Aloha Breakfast in the Jasmine Ballroom, where each Innersearcher was asked to give a personal testimony on their experiences throughout the past ten days. The emotions were intense as everyone gave soulful, at times tearful, but heartfelt testimonials of their Innersearch, the lessons learned, the joyful moments that we shared with each other and how fondly we look forward to the next Innersearch. Finally the moment arrived where we all reluctantly parted ways, yet each of us knows that although this may be the end of Innersearch 2010, this is only the beginning of our personal Innersearch!

Kumar Nataraja Takes Brahmacharya Vrata

Kumara Nataraja, a devotee of Gurudeva’s for forty-one years, traveled 800 miles from his home in Seattle to the Siva Murugan Temple in Concord, California to take a vow, a brahmachariya vrata to remain celibate for the remainder of his life.

He beloved wife recently made her transition to the inner worlds, and Kumar dedicates himself now to spiritual life.

Kulapati Deva Rajan and Kulapati Easan Katir witnessed the ceremony. Gurudeva founded the Concord Temple over twenty years ago.

The local Chettiar community now maintains this popular meeting place of Gods, devas and Saiva souls.

Pujari Narayana Viswanathan Ardhanareeswaran tied the sacred cord around Brahmachari Kumara’s waist and gave his blessings for spiritual work ahead.

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