Satguru Purnima Celebrations, 2010

Today we had the great privilege and blessing to honor our beloved Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami with the annual Guru Purnima Pada Puja. The monks and devotees met him on San Marga, paraded him to the Swayambhu Lingam sight, performed the pada puja, chanting his names. It is always a very auspicious day. A day to be so thankful for the blessings of the living spiritual preceptor, the blessings of our magical Kailasa Parampara and the striking grace that showers down upon us on this day like the petals of the Konrai tree, the of sight Lord Siva, The Satguru, and the Divine Self within each of us all mystically manifesting as a one potent experience full of arul, grace.

As has been our tradition, we share the words of Siva Yogaswami, extolling his own Guru, as he speaks for all of us. We have taken the small liberty of replacing “Nallur” with “Kauai” for today’s occasion. I think Yogaswami will not mind.

He is my Lord
Who evokes the cherished love of
Father, mother and teacher in one.
He came and made me His own
The passing vanities vanished
I came into my own true being
And realized my eternal self.
Oh beauteous one, as tender as a cuckoo
Everything Thou seest is Siva’s immanence
Immeasurable is his infinity.
Keep straight in the path without faltering.
Join the paean of Thou art That.

That which is Formless assumed the form of Guru
On Kauai to shower His Grace–Toss the ball and chime
That Siva is the Self, Toss and let go.

He cut asunder the cluster of desires
Praise the Peerless One and toss the ball and chime
That there’s no birth nor death, toss and let go.

That He is or is not, none can tell,
But He did come to Kauai, so toss the ball and chime
That I am He–Toss and let go.

He o’er-powered and made me His on Kauai
And succoured me–Toss the ball and chime
He’s the ocean of grace–Toss and let go.

Freed from delusion, they who bide by His will
Enjoy limitless bliss–Toss the ball and chime
That desire hath no charm–Toss and let go.

He who has no fixed abode nor name, came
Of his own accord to entice me–Toss the ball and chime
That sorrows have fled–Toss and let go.

The Supreme Being who pervades the whole world,
He came to Kauai–Toss the ball for thus
Said He, ‘that we know not’–Toss and let go.

He cannot be eulogized in definite script,
He’s acclaimed as Guru in this land–Toss the ball
That we lack nothing–Toss and let go.

He’s the lord who can subdue my senses five.
The beloved of Kauai also is he–Toss the ball
That doubts there are none–Toss and let go.

Sublime is He and full of sweetness
Is this sage of Kauai–Toss the ball and chime
That anxiety is dispelled–Toss and let go.

He who is the essence of the mystic Aum
Hast eradicated the I-ness–Toss the ball and chime
That delusion’s spell is over–Toss and let go.

Incomprehensible to the envious, He showers
The bequest of Grace, Toss the ball and chime
That He is Guru-Chellappa (Yogaswami, Gurudeva, Bodhinatha) –Toss and let go.

I arise from the stagnant pool of self-centredness and as the lotus bud unfolds its petals to the rising sun, so too the sight of my Guru on Kauai thrills me with divine consciousness, and life manifests its hidden beauty, power, light and joy.

He is my Guru who is the destroyer of my darkness, who turns my gaze from the world of carnal desires and transience, and leads me to behold the Light of wisdom He fixed me firmly in the path of liberation by declaring that He is mySelf.

Bi-Annual Sadhaka Vratas Taken

Sadhakas and Yogis are officially known as “Postulants” in our monastic order. Their vows are taken for two years at a time and renewed in July or January each year.

Today eight of our monastics renewed their vows for another two years.

They all read together their sacred pledges of Purity, Obedience, Humility and Confidentiality, known in Tamil as: Tirikarannasutti, Taalvu Enum Tanmai, Pannivu, Rahasiyam.

Sadhaka Haranandinatha, Sadhaka Adinatha, Sadhaka Nilakantha, Sadhaka Tejadevanatha, Sadhaka Satyanatha, Sadhaka Nandinatha, Sadhaka Rajanatha and Yogi Jothinatha have all vowed to continue their life of service and dedication in Lord Muruga’s Army of the Within, as Gurudeva used to call his monks.

Jai to the brave souls who lay down the personal lives to serve and realize God Siva! And thanks to Gurudeva and Bodhinatha for being there for all of us!

Satsang in Mauritius

The Northern Mission families gathered for Satsang at Adi Sankara’s home recently.

Little Omvathi Sankara welcomes the whole extended family.

The homa was intense…one could feel the presence our our Satguru and Paramaguru.

Kulapati explained lessons in Dancing With Siva, Mandala 14 on the subject of Noninjury-Ahimsa

Honoring our loving Kulamatha Selvom Mardemootoo on her birthday.

Inspiring Puja Room!

Wonderful Pada Puja..Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami !

Lord Nataraja…

The sadhakas are reading their…

The sadhakas are reading their vow of purity. Next, humility, obedience and confidence. (video)

Jai to gurus everywhere who ho…

Jai to gurus everywhere who hold truth in the palm of their hand and sustain the world in their love.

Dawn on Guru Purnima and the p…

Dawn on Guru Purnima and the procession of our Bodhinatha down Konrai laden San Marga commences

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