Sendan Children Advance in Life

Here is Bodhinatha signing the certificates for Shaila Sendan’s karnavedha samskara (ear-piercing) and Velan Sendan’s vidyarambha samskara (first learning).

The parents previously mark the spot where they want the ear pierced.

Paramacharya Ceyonswami and Siddhanathaswami pierced both ears at the same time. Shaila did not seem to feel anything other than to be delighted.

Her younger brother Velan then wrote his first letter A in a plate of rice. And then they both made offerings of grains into the homa along with Bodhinatha.

Welcome to New Saivite Hindu

Roger Brown has completed his formal conversion to Saivite Hinduism and was formally inducted into the Hindu faith on today at a Namakara Samskara held the Murugan temple in Highgate, London. Here he is with three priests and Gurudeva presiding.

The priests had previously written his name in the rice in Tamil and he traced over the letters and then walked around the fire three times and the priest then offered his tray over the homa fire. Sankar has complete his legal name change as well.

Welcome to Sankar Skandanatha! He has completed Level Two of the master course having started his study in 2007 and now will move on to Level Three.

North Shore Satsang

Our NorthShore satsang in mauritius. All members of the extended kutumbha of Kulapati and Kulamata Manon and Selvon Mardemootoo

Golden Gate Mission PadaPuja

Easan Sankara performs the Guru Purnima Pada Puja for the Golden Gate Mission.

Sri Venkateswara Temple Summer Camp

Kulapati Eesan Katir sends photos from Pennsylvania where he has regularly been giving classes each summer at the Venkateswara annual summer camp for youth.

Hatha yoga

Color meditation.

Studying the history lessons prepared by the Ganapati Kulam

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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