Sun Four

Another wonderful day at the Aadheenam. The Ganapati Kulam reported on their work. They are almost 100% focused on completing the October issue of Hinduism Today.

Tour Day at the Aadheenam

From yesterday’s tour day:

Basanti Mardemootoo is here from Mauritius visiting her family and volunteered to help guide this weeks public tour.

This inspired group moved together effortlessly through the many stops and sights like a beautiful large family.

With the silpis now working on the Nandi Mandapam the vision is expanding!

Our guests see the magic which is created when a small group of monks work together in harmony.

A father demonstrates to his sons the practice of Vasana Daha Tantra, (burning of problems) at the Puakenikeni mandapam.

Fifth Annual Saivite Summer Camp in Chicago

A three-day Saivite Summer Camp was held in Chicago on July 23th – 25th. Thirty-six children of all ages attended this year’s event which was conducted by Rishi Thondunathan. Children were instructed about the Nine Beliefs of Hinduism, karma, Dharma, Yamas and Niyamas.

Every day classes began with the morning worship.

Laste day at a public event where the children who participated at the camp received certificates.

Parents and well-wishers at the event.

For the field trip, the group visited the Hindu Temple of Lemont, Chicago.

Gift of a Rare Vine
National Tropical Botanical Garden staff made a gift to the monastery today. A rare vine Entada phaseoloides

Now, that's a serious seed pod!
It has the world’s largest seedpod. These are small ones! Thanks to NTBG, a great tropical resource.

Polished seeds from this native of the Philippines
Its giant seeds are called Matchbox Seeds and are said to be medicinally important, especially for digestive ailments. It’s a rare vine, with some fragrance, one we have never been able to find even on the Web where you can find pretty much anything in the known universe.

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