Scanning Rajam's Kailasa Parampara Art

The Ganapati Kulam is hard at work on the Kailasa Parampara biography. Now that we are nearing the end of the writing and editing process, the artwork for the book is coming into focus. Today, Senthilnathaswami is scanning all of the original watercolors that renowned artist S. Rajam painted for the book in 2002-2003. This piece depicts Maharishi Nandinatha and his seven disciples, with Tirumular kneeling at his side and God Siva looking on.

Our new, top-of-the-line Epson scanner does a great job of capturing the fine details, and a new tool in Photoshop completely automates merging pieces that are too large for the scanbed and have to be scanned in more than one piece.

This beautiful piece shows Yogaswami in his hut in Columbuthurai on the Jaffna peninsula. As he often did, here he sings Natchintanai with devotees, cultivating the blessings of God Siva. Duri… During a video interview with Selvanathan, he remarked that Iraivan looks like Rameswaram from this angle.

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