Chitra Puja Day

We observed Chitra puja this morning.

Gurudeva’s sweet and profound presence was with us as usual.

Sun Four – Ganapati Kulam Focus on ePub

Today was Sun Four and the Ganapati Kulam shared the news of there recent full court press on ePub technology. For the past three days all members of the kulam were hard at work exporting and testing files for a new digital version of Dancing with Siva to which will run on eBook Readers.

It’s a new tall publishing workflow and coding mountain to scale, but, it’s also not rocket science and you will be seeing our books in the digital market place in the future for sure. It is all part of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s urging us to expanding from ink on paper to pixels in cyberspace.

Nallur festival chariot progre…

Nallur festival chariot progressing around temple in Lanham,MD with Bodhinatha leading.

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