Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-08-20

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Concrete Pour At Iraivan and Aadheenam

Today we filled in the opening around the Kodimaram hole in the Nandi Mandapam at Iraivan.

A new form had been build with a smaller opening tailored from the flag pole and then we needed to fill in all around the outside edge. Basically a reduction in the size of the opening.

After the concrete pour at Iraivan Temple the extra concrete was used to line another fish pond in the monastery gardens.

Adding a border of rocks and troweling the concrete.

Kulapati Deva Seyon Speaks

Kulapati Deva Seyon, a long time local resident of Kauai and member of Saiva Siddhanta Church, expresses his point of view about the experience that thousands of visitors to Kauai’s Hindu Monastery have each month. Yogi… Yoginathaswami mans the pouring chute. Silpi tamps the concrete into the form.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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