Guru Purnima Mauritius- Part Three 2010

We are happy bring you the last batch of photos taken during Guru Purnima celebration in Mauritius… The arati performed at the Holy Tiruvadi.

Kulapati and Kulamata SK Moorghen awarding the certificate to new Catalyst Vimala Munian. All our Kulapaties and kulamatas were invited to offer certificates on that day.

After the ceremony all sishyas sat under the cool shady spots to share a lunch together …

The Guru pujas like Guru Purnima and Guru Jayanthi are special moments for the sishyas because these religious events allow all sishyas of the island to meet and worship together and also enjoy some exciting moments together after the ceremonies.

Our food service table … all home made dishes lovingly brought by the sishyas.

Our local saivite youth of the membership growing up fast, from left, Suganda Caremben, Dayananda Canagasaby, Saravan Koothan and Poshan Munian…

Happy faces! The strong spirit of Siva Sambandan is pervading everywhere…

Our new catalysts happily holding their certificates for a souvenir photo. The catalyst trainee course, under the divine guidance of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami was conducted for over a year and covered three modules namely, the contents of the Saivite Hindu Religion series from Book One to Six, practical Teaching Approaches and Parenting With Love. Eighteen participants turned up for the training organised by the Himalayan Academy.

The Catalysts had to take a 3 hour written exams consisting of two papers and also had to submit a major assignment at the end of the course.

Here is one of the certificates awarded by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami to our new catalyst.

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