Sun Four

Today was the auspicious day of Ardra. Lord Nataraja received His monthly abhishekam. It is always a powerful moment for those who have the karma to come.

For those who love to listen to Bodhinatha’s talks, we linked a new one today. Click here to keep your eye on his 2010 index page for new talks. We upgraded our audio processing tools to now include the standard metadata so that if you save the file to your iTunes, iPod or Droid MP3 player app, it will show a proper artist, album and title in your audio library. We also captured two of his classes on innersearch and these were divided into 8 fabulous upadeshas coming to you soon!

Appreciation Day for Minimela Sevaks

Here at Kauai Aadheenam, the visitor traffic is growing rapidly. Without the help of our members on the island we simply could not keep up with hosting them or managing their purchases and queries at the information center. Our Kauai members are doing Siva thondu, every morning, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year!

The Pillaiyar Kulam took them to an “appreciation luncheon” with Bodhinatha. We want to especially thank Brahmacharini Shama Kumaran, Kulamatas Amala Seyon and Isani Alahan for their years of daily service in this capacity. And now we have additional seva power from Vel and Valli Alahan. With us today are also Kulamata Kavita Mardemootoo and her daughters Basanti and Dipanjali who are here on vacation, but also pitching in helping at the Minimela. They are trained hands at this job since they do the same thing at home in Mauritius which has 1000’s of visitors on the monthly homa days.

Also not with us today, Kulapati Deva Seyon, and Kulapati Durvasa Alahan who are also taking turns from time to time hosting guests on the monks’ retreat days.

Thank you all! Mikka Nandri!

The final arati of our Ardra N…

The final arati of our Ardra Nataraja abhishekam just completed.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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