Bodhinatha in Denver

September 12 report:

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

Sunday morning was our talk at the Denver SV Temple. The temple is under construction and scheduled to be done next year. The event was in a temporary industrial space. Keynote was well received. Afterwards drove out to the temple site which is about four miles away. The temple has a total of eight acres out in the country.

Om Namasivaya,


Swami Shankarananda's Testimony

We share a wonderful message from a swami we were with in Australia in December (who loves Hinduism Today as you can see from his quote):

“In the late sixties when spirituality arose within me for the first time, I could have said (had I enough awareness), ‘I’d like a path that is as spacious as the universe. A path that includes everyone and every possible belief system. A path that is as tolerant and forgiving as a mother, yet as precise and on purpose as a brain surgeon. A path whose mode of thinking is so broad that no thought or idea is left outside of it. A path of inner transformation and self-development. A path of truth that is also
a path of kindness. A path whose love is so deep and all-embracing that no sinner is excluded from its mercy. A path whose source is Universal Consciousness.’ Had I been able to formulate those thoughts that were in me in an inchoate way, perhaps the sky would have parted and a voice from on high might have said ‘Your path is Hinduism.’ “

New Chola Entrance Archway

Work continues this morning on the new entry to the monastery. Here all but the topmost stone are in place.

There is a lot of fitting going on to make all of the joints tight and secure.

Pilgrims of the future will have no doubt they are entering a sacred and special space as they walk through this magnificent gate. Already it makes the monastery look to be 500 years old. More on this in the days ahead.

Here you can see the metal framework that is supporting the stones until the capstone is put in place.

The “American elephant” carries a stone into position.

Sideview shows stone slowly being positioned by forklift.

Close-up of the armature holding the stones in place during the fitting process. After the stones are perfectly fitted and the capstone is place, the armature is removed and the stones will hold themselves in place. The physics of this archway make it very strong. Only an earthquake or 3 elephants could knock it over.

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