Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-09-17

  • Bodhinatha & team arrive in LA & are escorted to the rental car by Ritesh Varma & his mother, Idaly. #

  • Bodhinatha & team meet with Russ Hill, our HHE investment councillor with Halbert Hargrove, in Long Beach, CA. #

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Bodhinatha in California

Today was transit day for Bodhinatha and his team. The traveled from San Francisco to LAX to meet with devotees there and spend a day at La Jolla tomorrow.

At home today was ashram sadhana day and the monks were out cleaning and scrubbing all morning.

Hardwood Endowment Being Started

Mahogany seedlings (foreground) are being repotted to larger pots today the team of Philippino elderly ladies who come to work at the Aadheenam from time to time.

The seedlings were started from home grown seeds procured from some of our island friends.

Wire and bricks will hold the repotted seedlings upright for a year or so. Then they’ll be planted at Himalayan Acres when they’ve grown tall enough. Way off in the future they, along with trees already planted there, can be sold to help finance the activities of the monastery.

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